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Our Saviors

What isCybonix Logo?

Our Saviors

You are now entering the Dark side of Wordon's moon.

The year is 2777 and the Cybonix Cyborgs have been forced off their home planet Cygonia by the Eldor Mystics.

With only 1,500 of the most elite Cybonix surviving the initial attack they have retreated to their top-secret space facility on the dark side of Wordon's moon.

Here the Cyborgs are building and training back up to seek revenge on the mystical warlords who savagely pillaged their world.

Cybonix is a collection of 1,500 NFTs to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

with us.

We’re building the next generation of cyborg fighters, join the community on Twitter and Discord to find out how you can become a part of that generation.


The Team

Kevin Ortega

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin has demonstrated success in leading multi-million dollar complex IT projects. He is known as a motivational leader who maintains productivity across entire project lifecycles, and building lasting stakeholder relationships.

As an out-of-the-box thinker, he champions continuous improvement across planning, team management, budgeting, reporting, and risk mitigation to achieve quality, on-time results.


Spinning toy

Why Cybonix?

You’re fighting for the future.

There was a world apocalyptic war and the only thing left to survive was the metaverse.

Join CYBONIX and fight for what’s right - the security and safety of our metaverse. We can’t and will not let our home metaverse be ravaged by extraterrestrial irregularities.

Welcome to our fight. Welcome to your fight.

Cybonix Logo


Cybonix Genesis Collection

Our very first NFT Collection introducing 1,500 Male 3D Front-Facing Cyborgs ready to take on the Eldor Mystics in the war to reclaim Cygonia.

Cybonix Training Hub Integrations

- Mindset Transformation -
We want to ensure that all of our holders have the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge needed to regain control of their mindsets and sense of fulfillment in life.

- Digital Gold Mine -
We want to offer education and access to resources to build your foundation as a crypto trader and investor.

- Entertaining With Influence -
We want to offer our wealth of experience, knowledge, and connections within the gaming space to help any current or aspiring gamers and/or streamers achieve their goals.

Cybonix Trade Alerts

Cybonix Trade Alerts will be available exclusive to our holders covering details on the top trade cryptos and alt coins.

Additionally, we will host a weekly curriculum teaching holders how to take full-advantage of these alerts to help maximize their benefits.

The Reinforcements

Our second NFT collection introducing 4,500… TBA

The Opening of the Cybonix Armory

The launching of our holder exclusive marketplace will offer Cyborgs the ability to redeem events, utility, merch, allow-list for other projects, and more.

Cyborg Gaming

Your Cyborg will be integrated into Play 2 Earn games such as the Swift Shootout Battle Royale Game.